February 2015

Geometric graphics feature Ascend

The good people at Gingko Press and Sandu Publishing have just released a sharp new publication – Geometric graphics, featuring bold and brave design solutions from the best in the industry. We’re pleased to see our logo design and identity for Origine Art featured within, boasting a contemporary and dynamic geometric solution.

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November 2014

Street Stream Logo Design

Another quick update regarding Kerbi’s sister company – Street Stream; a cut-out-the-middle-man courier solution that will be hitting the streets very soon. Focused heavily on a digital solution for a physical need, Street Stream delivers the goods via a dedicated website and mobile app – think ‘Hailo for couriers’ and you are on the right track. We are very excited to be involved and look forward to a roll-out in the coming months. A sneak preview of our early logo designs can be seen here.

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September 2014

Flat out brand design

We are very excited to be launching a new brand for London based start-up ‘kerbi’ – kerbside puncture repair for London cyclists. We were commissioned to create a friendly, digital brand; including naming, identity design, logo design and app styling.

Taking a scenario-centric approach, our solution focuses around the behaviour and actions of a cyclists in need of assistance – turning in to the kerb, getting repaired, and getting back on the road. The ‘K’ mark we have created perfectly describes the problem; solution, and result of this scenario. The project will feature in our work section once the roll-out is completed. Find out more @InfoKerbi

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June 2014

Typographer of the month…

Filmed early morning in London, this guy paints perfect letterforms, effortlessly. Brilliant how it does it with one hand behind his back. legend!

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April 2014

Butarose brand roll-out

Just received our copies of the new Butarose business cards. Loving the fiery bronze foil. Finished on duplexed Colourplan (540gsm), bronze foil to front with a charcoal letterpress to reverse. More updates to come later.

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Unlocking brand potential

We are proud to launch the new logo design and identity system for Lockwood Estates of Shoreditch, London, designed to appeal to more discerning property hunters and landlords. The logo is designed as a fun and dynamic solution with standout appeal. More updates to come. To find out more visit www.lockwoodsproperty.co.uk

March 2014

Butarose logo deisgn & branding

We are really happy to be working for entrepreneurial start-up Butarose – an Anglo-Azerbaijan link up offering a range of services from import/export to architectural consultancy. Our brand focus is on the contrast and juxtaposition of cultural touchpoints and the celebration of the best of both. The logo itself is being crafted from the iconic ‘buta’ symbol of Azerbhaijan, delicately looping into the top of a rose; each representing their own cultures. A simple amalgam resulting in a utilitarian mark that will be paired with imagery and typography from both cultures.

The roll-out is set to included stationery and website design.

More to come soon…

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February 2014

64GB by Victionary

We are delighted to have been included in the new publication from Victionary, ’64GB – 64 Eminent Creatives from Great Britain’. Our four-page feature displays some of our favourite creative work for Sotheby’s, BNP Paribas and Robert Walters.

As a widely respected publisher of titles such as ‘Multi Colour’, our inclusion in this most recent showcase along-side fellow agencies that we both admire and respect so much, is both flattering and rewarding in equal measure.

January 2014

Why we love… Aperçu.

Aperçu was designed by a London based studio, The Entente. Since its initial release through Colophon in 2010, it has become one of the foundry’s most celebrated typefaces. So much so that it was upgraded to Aperçu Pro, featuring a set of cyrillic glyphs to boost its accessibility.

Realist typefaces such as Johnston, Gill Sans, Neuzeit & Franklin Gothic have been listed as inspirations. It was the intention to create a typeface that was highly useable and neutral, allowing the typeface to become accessible to a variety of projects and uses.

Ascend have used this contemporary sans-serif on a number of projects, including Stone Nest and the recent Collection PR identity and website. This typeface was chosen due to its legibility and refreshingly modern take on more established and associated typefaces. It’s one of those work-horse fonts that manages to do most of the hard work and continue to charm at the same time. With its robust and coherent family of weights and the inclusion of a web counterpart, this made Aperçu a clear choice.

For more details visit the Colophon website.

fdu & you

The fdu group is a London based recruitment firm providing specialist search, recruitment, interim and part-time resourcing solutions; primarily for the financial services sector.

We are currently updating their promotional collateral and developing a tone of voice for brand messaging, adding value to their current service offering. We developed concept of ‘fdu & you’ to represent the level of partnership that fdu provides to the client; we don’t work for you, we work with you.

We will be working closely with fdu in the future to extend these updates across multiple branded platforms.

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