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Founded in 2006, Ascend Studio is an independent brand, design and web design agency based in central London. Our primary focus is on brand experience, creating engaging connections between brands and people. We have a bespoke creative process to discover, define, develop and deliver creativity. This allows us the clarity of thought that gets to the heart of the brand’s true potential, enabling us to create relevant communications that genuinely reflect true values and client objectives. Our philosophy is simple – enhance your brand and raise your profile through honest and effective creative solutions. Good work if you can get it, even better if you love doing it.

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Our Approach

01 Discover

Insight + information =
clarity + understanding

We capture the most important competitor information. We audit the most relevant communication channels. We seek out market insights, and we survey and interview the audience and stakeholders to find new knowledge and opinions. We distil all this wonderful stuff down to a structured set of brand parameters.

02 Define

Generating intelligent differentiation

Imagination is more important than knowledge. We accelerate the What, How and Why, into a powerful way of communicating a brand story – a compelling propositioning at the foundation of all of a brand’s communications.

03 Develop

Expressing your brand in reality

We craft creative solutions to express a brand beautifully. From logo and identity design and corporate communications through to web design and development – we have the skills and experience to be critical, detail focussed and practical, to deliver delight, surprise and satisfaction.

04 Deliver

Application, implementation and design support

Strong brands are extremely precious – it takes hard work and commitment to deliver them consistently and imaginatively. We make sure they look fresh and that they continually deliver value and provoke attention and action.

05 Support

Partnering you now and in the future

We pride ourselves on forming long-term partnerships. A team you can rely on to ensure your brand and communications stay fresh, relevant and effective, way past the first point of delivery. From regular design and website updates, to the occasional proactive ideas to keep you thinking ahead.

06 Feedback

Who do we think we are?

Our own brand is defined by your opinion of us – our work, service and cultural fit with you and your team. We always seek constructive feedback to ensure we continue to deliver exceptional customer experience and truly effective design solutions.



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