BNP Paribas Annual Event

Project description

2012–Courtauld Gallery, London

This year’s theme was ‘An evening of art and celebration’. The design, a humorous take on the art on display, was used as invitation designs and HTML email communications to entice some of the industry’s most elite investors at a time of year saturated by corporate events. Maximum capacity was achieved.

2011–Tate Britain, London

Concept, design and production of invitations for the BNP Paribas annual event 2011. The evening, hosted at the Tate Britain in London, was designed to thank some of their most esteemed customers for their support over the past year. The event also marked the bank’s increasing interest and growing presence in the British market.

We designed a message that was sliced up into 250 individual invitations that recipients were asked to bring with them to the event; each a unique piece of a much bigger picture. Once reunited the completed message was revealed. The mailing was supported by HTML emails that included a link to the timelapse video you can see below.

The event was a huge success and we have been recommissioned to conceptualise and produce the event again for 2012.