Kerbi Brand Development

Project description

We were commissioned by Jasmine Technologies, a London based tech agency, to develop a brand approach and strategy for their upcoming app – set to liberate cycling commuters through an innovative kerbside puncture repair service.

Ascend Studio worked closely with the client to develop brand values and positioning and the name ‘kerbi’ was born. We then produced the logo design, identity system, brand guidelines and app styling (nb: we had no involvement in the website). The solution is a friendly, digital solution with a personality that resonates with the savvy London cycle community.

Taking a scenario-centric approach, our solution focuses around the behaviour and actions of a cyclists in need of assistance – turning in to the kerb, getting repaired, and getting back on the road. The ‘K’ mark we have created perfectly describes the problem, solution, and result of this scenario, with the word mark set in a lowercase, geometric sans-serif for an added touch of personality and precision. (Typeface: GT Walsheim, available from Grilli Type).