Minigolf Reimagined – The launch of a new social entertainment brand

Puttshack is a brand new venture from the owners of Bounce Ping Pong and Flight Club. Firmly embedded in the social entertainment market, Puttshack combines the childhood nostalgia of mini-golf with contemporary F&B and ground breaking ball tracking technology, to result in a truly unique social gaming experience.

The visual language is built around the motion of the gameplay, creating dynamic swooshes and loops that deliver a unique sense of energy and movement. This contrasts with the angular form of the logo mark, which also takes inspiration from the flags of the traditional golf game.

The innovative new gameplay proposition requires numerous additional design elements in order to communicate how it works and why it is so special. As well as presenting 3D visuals as an insight to the minigolf holes themselves, Ascend Studio has developed additional animated icons to compliment the overall visual language.

The project is ongoing so more updates will follow soon.

Our remit included:

  • Brand strategy
  • Logo design
  • Identity system
  • Visual language & gameplay iconography
  • Copywriting
  • Brand guidelines
  • In-venue materials
  • Website

More at www.puttshack.com