Stone Nest

Project description

As a former Presbyterian church built in 1888, and later the home of the notorious 1980s Limelight Club, the Welsh chapel on Shaftesbury Avenue, London has been welcoming worshipers of all kinds throughout its history. More recently it has been preparing to open its doors once more, this time to a new congregation of art, music and dance enthusiasts; as a contemporary exhibition and performing arts venue now known as Stone Nest.

We were delighted to be selected to design the logo, identity and branding for this exciting project. It was our intention to deliver a logo mark that is firmly grounded in the heritage and foundation of the venue; whilst capturing a contemporary and dynamic feel reflective of that which the space will now be filled.

We look forward to rolling out a broad range of collateral and hopefully developing their online presence as the Stone Nest charity come closer to completing the new space. For now, their current website can be seen here: Read more here:

Photographs copyright of Richard Bryant with kind permission from Stone Nest.