Why we love… Aperçu.

Aperçu was designed by a London based studio, The Entente. Since its initial release through Colophon in 2010, it has become one of the foundry’s most celebrated typefaces. So much so that it was upgraded to Aperçu Pro, featuring a set of cyrillic glyphs to boost its accessibility.

Realist typefaces such as Johnston, Gill Sans, Neuzeit & Franklin Gothic have been listed as inspirations. It was the intention to create a typeface that was highly useable and neutral, allowing the typeface to become accessible to a variety of projects and uses.

Ascend have used this contemporary sans-serif on a number of projects, including Stone Nest and the recent Collection PR identity and website. This typeface was chosen due to its legibility and refreshingly modern take on more established and associated typefaces. It’s one of those work-horse fonts that manages to do most of the hard work and continue to charm at the same time. With its robust and coherent family of weights and the inclusion of a web counterpart, this made Aperçu a clear choice.

For more details visit the Colophon website.