Bounce Branding

We love ping-pong and we love branding. So when we were approached to rebrand Bounce – We couldn't believe our luck

With the flagship venue established on the very spot Ping-Pong was patented by John Jaques in 1901, right here in Farringdon. We have worked very closely with the Bounce team over the last few months to re-establish their values, positioning and tone of voice, in order to reconnect the brand with it's true heritage and origins.

Maintaining the existing logo mark, we have produced a new look with victorian advertising inspired typography, and a heritage gaming derived colour palette of deep greens, reds and blues, with a variety of pop colours for energy, reflecting Bounce's premium status as the ultimate social gaming destination and juxtaposing the brand's roots with a cool, modern, fun vibe. The roll-out has included new uniforms, advertising templates, menus, posters and a 200 page brand guidelines document (never an easy task but rarely this much fun!)

Overall the project has been a great deal of fun yet highly technical – a lot like the game itself. Looking forward to the upcoming Shoreditch launch party as the brand goes from strength to strength. See you soon guys for a rematch!

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