Branding beyond the living cell


We have recently launched an identity for UK innovation biotechnology company, FabricNano™

FabricNano; a fast growth DNA nanotechnology and enzyme engineering company looking to attract new clients and investment. Embarking upon ground-breaking discoveries and helping shape the future of biochemicals, the firm is bringing its first new artificial DNA Scaffold products to market shortly. Potential applications are endless: from Covid-19 research and Healthcare, Energy and F&B.

Our solution is based on a clever visual language that is directly derived from the DNA fabrication process. The logo not only 'harnesses a cell's potential at its core', but also fits into the DNA fabric as a whole. It creates a complex graphical story used to present FabricNano as a credible force for positive change, operating at the forefront of scientific advancement.

Working closely with world-class scientists has been a fascinating experience. Obviously we can't profess to fully understand the ins and outs of nanotech(!) but we have established a real insight into the potential of their work — and their unwavering passion to create real world changing impact.

Eliza Eddison, Head of Operations for FabricNano said “Ascend Studio took on an extraordinary challenge when they partnered with us – an early stage business with a deeply technical product, largely in stealth mode with most of our clever innovations not yet ready for public consumption. Yet, somehow, we wanted a visual language to reflect it and our work. How could we reasonably ask anyone to turn all that into something engaging and intuitive? Yet we did, and in spite of all that: Ascend Studio delivered in spades. We were hopeless without them, and amazed at every turn. Their expertise is hugely valuable, their patience magnanimous and their design eye unparalleled. They captured us, our work and our vision perfectly.”

Full case study will be released soon.

Lab Experiment
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