Better Origin

Fixing the future of the food chain

The Challenge
One third of all food produced each year is wasted, yet food supply will need to grow 70% by 2050 to meet the needs of a growing population. Formed out of Cambridge University, Better Origin have created a unique insect based biosystems that can fix these problems; turning waste into valuable natural resources. They needed a brand that reflected not just their process, but their purpose – as well as the long-term positive impact potential of biotech as a weapon against global food shortages.


We collaborated closely with the scientists, technicians and marketing team during the project’s Insight stage. Through this, we revealed that the organisation’s original name ‘Entomics’ was too focused on insects, and did not represent their broader purpose or differentiate them from competitors. A key insight was that, rather than concentrating on process, their true focus was creating a better future by aiding the function of nature to improve the food cycle from the ground up.


We developed a brand strategy that championed Better Origin as ‘the missing link in a broken food chain’. 

Crucially, the brand needed to appeal both tech investors, and large, change-focused food groups, such as Whole Foods and Waitrose. We achieved this by shunning the design tropes of sustainable and agricultural organisations, and instead presenting the brand as a leading edge bio-technology firm tackling a global problem.



Look & feel
The identity is tech focused and serious, with a purposeful aesthetic. Bold typography, streamlined iconography and an understated pallet help to create an impression of power, credibility and immense potential.

Logo design
The logo is based around a customised version of the brand’s headline typeface: Styrene A from Commercial Type. By combining hard, mechanical edges with organic curves, it references the way in which Better Origin combines science and nature. The Origin Icon is a visual shorthand for the key themes at the heart of Better Origin. It represents the cyclical nature of the food system and can be repeated to create a linking chain as well as be a container for information and graphics.


"Ascend Studio understood the complexities of our work and scope of our ambition. They helped us identify fundamental truths, and took us through a journey helping us crystallise our vision. We now have a commercially viable brand founded on purpose, and a clear proposition which is opening the right doors. They have been inspiring to work with; a brilliant balance of strategic thinking and fresh, creative output. I believe that this is what makes Ascend one of the leading brand strategy studios in the UK today."

Fotis Fotiadis
CEO, Better Origin