Day One

Insight inspires impact

Day One Strategy is a market research organisation helping the healthcare industry to make better decisions by understanding customer wants, needs and behaviours. Their promise is to always start each day as if it’s their first – full of energy, with a desire to explore and solve clients’ business challenges.

Our challenge was how should the brand reflect the idea of renewed perspectives?


We began by researching themes of change-making, renewed perspectives, and starting each day anew. This lead to topics that included; dawn, the movement of light, and the earths rotation. We then went on an exploration of the logo and wordmark to develop a fresh energetic and modern visual system to bring their positioning to life.




Day One's new identity captures renewed perspectives within the brand device, that draws itself but never fully completes, emulating their ethos of starting each day anew. It comes to life when animated, interacting around the objects it revolves around.



This icon was brought into the wordmark by removing a section of the O and rounding one end to give an impression of clockwise motion.

Modern Era by OMSE Type was chosen for its idiosyncratic, friendly style, that made it equally suited for body copy as well as display type. Custom lettering was created by cutting the letterforms short and adding coloured data points on the end to reference the logo.



"Ascend very quickly understood our business and the context in which we work to help build a distinctive and unique brand identity for Day One."

Hannah Mann
Day One Strategy