Digitizing biology, enhancing lives

The challenge

Probius has a patented platform that digitizes the analysis of biological samples,making it more accessible, more efficient and more insightful to a variety of users. The challenge was, how to depict this process of digitizing biology within an identity system while showing how Probius has created a platform for the future of life science research to enable a deeper understanding of peoples health.



Working closely with the scientists and technicians during the project’s Insight stage we revealed that the organisation was too focused on the platform and solution rather than the lives they enhanced as a result. There needed to be a clear connection between the science of Probius and the impact that it will create for people’s lives.



We developed a brand strategy that highlighted how Probius ‘digitizes biology to enhance lives’.

The brand needed to appeal both scientists, investors, and healthcare professionals. This was achieved by developing an identity that presents Probius as a leading edge bio-technology firm pushing the future of life science research to enable a deeper understanding of peoples health.


An icon style was derived from the colour palette using a series of tints of the Probius purple. Data points became a part of the styling to highlight the precision of the Probius platform and instruments.










'Ascend Studio approached this meticulously, bringing a wealth of truly relevant past experience to quickly grasp what Probius was about and the value it can generate for the world. They then worked with us to draw out the values that would form the foundation of the brand. The new brand strategy and visual identity presents Probius as an innovative market leader in the life science industry. It’s incredibly exciting to see everything come to life and how our new brand will help us as we embark on our next phase of growth.'

Emmanuel Quevy
Co-founder and CEO