Terms & Policies


Terms of Business


All instructions are covered by our standard Terms of Business contracts. These set out the responsibilities and liabilities of all parties involved, including, monies agreed, key dates and terms of contract termination.

Intelligent Property and Artwork Files:

All work remains the Intelligent Property of Ascend Creative Limited unless otherwise agreed. Raw artwork files may be supplied entirely at our discretion and is subject to an artwork release fee of 20% of original project value. We reserve the right to use any design work produced for our own promotional purposes, including as featured projects and case studies on our website.


1. Costs are based on £120 per hour / £960 per day.

2. Costs do not include any ongoing or reoccurring costs unless stated.

3. Estimates are subject to pre-agreed final brief / scope document(s).

4. Cost quoted are subject to VAT at current rate. Print prices subject to delivery charges.

5. Costs include 3 rounds of artwork amendments only. Additional amendments will be charged at our hourly rate (1).

6. Estimates do not include commission or purchase of photography, illustration or typefaces unless stated.

7. Costs quoted are valid for 30 days from date of issue.

8. A 25% deposit of the overall project value will usually be charged to initiate an order.

Digital Services:

Hosting agreements are annual and no refunds will be made if cancelled during term. Charges will be incurred for resolving issues out of our control such as malware or hacking. Problem solving is offered Monday to Friday 9am-6pm only and excludes public holidays. Ascend accepts no responsibility for loss of traffic or earnings or loss of email services in any circumstances.


Environmental Policy


Where possible we strive to only use eco-friendly couriers on bicycles rather than motorbikes, cars or vans.

Stationery, supplies and stocks:

Where possible we only use recycled stocks or stocks from sustainable sources.

Over 80% of our printed materials are produced using waterless printing techniques and oil-free inks.

Improved efficiency:

We are committed to reducing our consumption of resources and improving the efficient use of those resources and to managing waste generated from our business operations according to the principles of reduction, re-use and recycling.Recycling:

We operate a recycling policy for all paper materials, cans, bottles and plastics (where possible) and actively promote recycling amongst our customers and suppliers.

Dealing with other like-minded companies:

We always strive to do business with companies and individuals of an environmentally conscious nature.

Continuous improvement:

We are committed to continuously improving our environmental performance and integrating recognised environmental management best practice into our business operations where possible.